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About Kozodirky - bringing more art to porn

Kozodirky is a pure Czech project of young artists who want to change the style of pornography. We are fans of 70s porn movies and we believe that their quality is much better than today's porn flicks. Why? When production quality of TV shows or movies is far better than ever before? We think porn is ill and there is a lack of art in it. Porn must be more about smiles and love rather than mindless fucking.

Do you want boring porn with awful girls or creative big shows with Playboy class girls? The project main goal is bringing more art to porn! We have great artistic possibilities and our costs are 10 times lower than our competition. We can take you back to the best times of sex comedies when porn was more than just fucking. I think many people love Josephina Mutzenbache, Bavarian Sex Comedies and French porn cinema of 1970s. We want to recreate those kinds of movies and Kozodirky is our first project.

We are going to create many such sites. If you would like to see once again beautiful girls running on the meadows of Alps and showing their love to each other, then support our project! Every Euro that you pay will be used to create great videos that you won't find anywhere else.

Kozodirky girls - most beautiful Czech girls

If you look on our model page you can see some of our exclusive girls (Blanka, Bohunka, Christina and Vanesa). You will not find them on any other site. These girls are our next door girls who want to try acting in porn movies. Czech girls love sex and showing themselves. We can promise you virtually limitless source of girls. We can bring hundreds of new girls to porn. Kozodirky is only tip of the iceberg. We have much better opportunities than other sites because we are closest to the source. If you want to see beautiful girls in hot sex videos support our project!