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Joseph Cut

Basic facts

Czech name: Jožka Šmyk
Born: 1st July 1993, Hodonín, Czech Republic
Residence: Prague, Czech Republic, EU
Penis size: 7 inch / 18 cm

Sexual life

First sex: At age 15
Body count: 33
Best practice: Sex in traditional Dress
Dream: Orgy in vineyard

Hobbies and dreams

Hobbies: Traditional rural rituals, playing on Cimbalom, drinking wine

Favorite book: Slovácko se nesúdí
Favorite movies: Bobule, Slunce, seno..., Slovácko se nesúdí
Favorite meal: Wienerschnitzel with mashed potatoes
Dream: Singing with Joseph Black

Joseph Cut

Short CV

He is a good friend of Paul and wants to be a pornstar too. He likes girls in traditional Moravian dresses.

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