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Ostrava - Sin City of Czech Republic

02nd October 2014 00:30:00, Leoš Karabáč

Everyone knows that Prague is Czech Republic’s capital and main city. Most of the foreign tourists don’t go beyond Prague, which is a shame since the country has so much to offer. Today I would like to show you Ostrava, the second largest Czech city.

Czech Beer - National Treasure

05th September 2014 01:39:18, Leoš Karabáč

Connection better Czech republic and Beer is like Italy and Pizza. Czech beer is world renowned brand. We are calling it liquid bread and is deeply connected with our culture. Come to read more about czech beer and we solve for you czech secret why our girls are so beautiful :)

Welcome to the Czech Republic!

09th May 2014 22:51:27, Leoš Karabáč

This site is from the Czech Republic! We are proud of it. We have everything from girls to server hosting and everything is purely Czech. We would like to present our country in more depth. I know, many people do not know where Czech Republic is. Maybe some can answer that it is somewhere in EU. But we are the heart of Europe! The most sinful heart of Europe