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Welcome to the Czech Republic!

09th May 2014 22:51:27, Leoš Karabáč

I would like to introduce our proud country to the world. This is one of reasons why this site was founded. Second reason is to produce quality and artistic porn and try to re-imiginate Sex Comedy.

Well, let's start from the beginning. Czech Republic is an average country in the European Union. We have a population similar to Ohio or Georgia but in terms of area we are only as large as South Carolina. In global view, the Czech Republic is an unimportant country, only a fragment of the European Union. We know we cannot fight the world with our 30 tanks and 16 jet fighters. We are a peaceful nation but very proud of our living style and traditions. I would like to tell you more about our beautiful country. Maybe, you will surprised with some of the additional facts.

If somebody sometimes hears the word Czech, he probably thinks about Socialist Czechoslovakia. The country which Bill Murray successfully invaded and after 33 years was still saying he was in Czech Republic this year for the first time. Yes, there are lots of U.S. movies about Czechoslovakia. We can remember - Fourth War with Roy Schneider and the best one - Beast and Beautician with Fran Drescher (love scenes with portraits of Czechoslovakian presidents are cool). And ... Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise (first and fourth part was made here).