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The Kozodirky story - how we started

08th September 2014 14:32:15, Leoš Karabáč

Martin Luther King Jr. had a famous quote: "I have a dream ... ". Well, I have a dream too. Not about racial emancipation but about my life. I am Leo and I am the founder and mastermind of this site and I would like to tell you a story about us.

Everything began ten years ago when I was one of the founders of the biggest hardware magazine in the Czech Republic. Hardware was nice but I wanted to make a site with girls. Naked girls. And this was the start of my journey to become a porn tycoon. I left university and started learning about photography. I was in my early twenties and girls were so beautiful. I am enjoyed a REAL Bohemian life full of love and sex. I learned to be a photographer, build a studio and started a Yearbook photography business where I was successful.

Do you know what is the best part about being a Czech yearbook photographer? Well, I got to photograph thousands of the most beautiful 18-19 year-old Czech girls. But there was one problem. In the long run, you cannot continue doing it because it doesn’t pay well and my real goal was to build a porn site.

At the end of 2012, I finally chose to change my life and go into the porn business. I chose to make a porn movie in 2013. I am an avid lover of vintage porn and especially German sex comedies and wanted to recreate them. So without any experience I went for it! I made porn!

I sold some things and earned some money by yearbook photography and started to realize my dream of creating a pornsite. I gathered my friends who were artists and started to find girls to make porn. It is funny but finding girls was really easy because Czech girls love sex and maybe more importantly they love adventure. It is not just about money. It is mainly about trying something new. I think every Czech girl is like Lara Croft!

Finding Blanka was like a miracle. She was an occasional model and high school student who wanted to try something new. She quickly agreed without any convincing on my part. She is a really interesting girl with a real artistic soul. She wants to LIVE! Many boys fall in love with her because she is like a wind. You are laughing always with her. On other hand Blanka is an  independent and strong woman. It is very hard to obtain her heart. Porn is only an artistic expression for her.

Bohunka was the same way. She wanted to try something new and of course she really likes sex! I love Czech girls because they have a big passion for adventure. You can ask 10 girls and 1 will definately say yes to doing porn.

It was more difficult to find boys. Although at first I thought it would be easy. Every guy dreams about becoming a porn stud. But only few can do it. In reality, maybe only 1 out of 100 can become a male pornstar. Why? Erection. It took us some time to find a guy who could stay hard. Very few brave boys can stay hard in front of the camera!

After that we tried some test scenes and then began our summer production. It was a real adventure. But more on that in the next part. Till then don’t forget to support us. Remember the more support we get from you guys, the more hot girls we can bring to you.