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Beer Bath Project

15th September 2014 03:46:21, Leoš Karabáč

We want to first thank all our members who are supporting us! Our dream is only to do nice work and that you get pleasure from our creative work. A special thanks to our German members. The biggest portion of subscribers is from Germany. Danke schön Deutschland. Kozodirky lieben ihr!

Kozodirky is not just a porn site but also a Czech tourism support site. This is the reason why we like to write about beautiful Czech places and make porn there. We started to think what would we do with the first money that we earned and we chose to make a lesbian scene in a beer bath, as we wrote in an earlier story about beer.

Beer baths are very popular in the Czech Republic today and there are many good beer baths everywhere. Go to one and you will be treated like gods (and sometimes free beer as well!) We would like to popularize this Czech habit on an international level and we decided to shoot an erotic video in a beer bath.

We have chosen the place and of course the girls! Our ability to get girls is better than any other production. We plan to bring into the erotic industry, over 500 new hot girls every year (which is probably more than the demand). Here are hot girls. Raven-haired, big breasted and long-legged sweeties. Best companions in a beer bath. Here are the photos:


Pavlínka (Pauline)

I think both are magnificent and even better will be in this insanely great beer bath on Stodolni street. We can promise a great erotic scene with these beautiful girls and fullfill your fantasies.



If we will have the time, we will shoot some more scenes on Ostrava's Stodolni street. It is Ostrava's most prolific place of enjoyment. In one small strip, you can find almost 100 bars, pubs, discos and many more places of pleasure. We have a saying - "Stodolni never sleeps!". It is something like little Las Vegas for entertainment (but casinos are not so good). It is the best place to make PARTY because there are LOTS of totally awesome girls every weekend.



P.S.: If you have some ideas about what kind of porn scenes we should shoot with hot Czech girls, don't forget to write to us and more importantly, JOIN US!