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Ostrava - Sin City of Czech Republic

02nd October 2014 00:30:00, Leoš Karabáč

Ostrava is now emerging as the Las Vegas of eastern Europe. Some of you may have read that it is a polluted industrial city and is called the Black Heart of the country. But that is no longer the case. The city has been cleaned up and modernized in the last 20 years. Today it is a thriving city of start-ups, with lots of cultural events year-round, shopping malls, and bars. Most of the old factories are now museums!

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Where to Party

If you are interested in nightlife, you should certainly visit Stodolni street. Sto means 100 and the name has become an acronym for the 100+ bars, pubs, inns and other nightlife venues available in that part of the city. If you want to party all night long - Ostrava’s Stodolni street is right for you.

You will find lots of young people hanging in Stodolni street and they visit 20-30 bars in one night. Bar hopping is fun and encouraged here. The college students have a ritual called the Tour de Stodolni. In involves drinking one beer in every pub and both girls and guys try to win in this bar hopping contest.

Czechs are beer lovers and drink the highest amount of beer per capita. This means that in Stodolni there are many different beers such as the original Pilsen pub, Irish pub, Heineken pub, Sushi bar, Strip bar, Gay bar and many more. There are also lots of quality restaurants open all night long.

Ostrava Girls

A good night out for a guy is not possible unless he meets a cute girl! Guys who come to Ostrava will not be disappointed. There are lots of hot, wild and horny girls here. But they are also sweethearts and have a romantic side.

Ostrava girls are more down-to-earth and approachable because Ostrava is not yet overrun with horny foreign guys. So if you are a foreign guy looking to spend a nice holiday with a sweet Czech girl, be sure to come. It’s easy to break ice with them. Just buy them a drink.

I have talked with my female friends in Ostrava and they gave me some tips on how they want the guy to approach them. Buy them the most expensive drink in the pub (it’s not that expensive by western standards). Mojito, Pina colada, Jagermeister and Becherovka are popular with everybody. . Or you can go for the universal favorite of rum and cola or vodka with juice. Hot tip from Ostrava girls: Buy drink called Sex on the Beach!

When to Go

April to September is the best time since there are a lot of events going on during those months. At the end of April, the students have a huge party called Majales (lots of horny young girls there!). Second best option is Colours of Ostrava, a music festival held in an old iron mill which is now a museum. Many bands play there and it’s a music fest so obviously the girls are going to get horny. You will find girls from all over Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland in this week long music festival.

In September you can come to see the NATO Days where there are lots of fighter jets, tanks and an impressive aerial display. Girls who like men in uniform will be here. Winter slows down the activities so it’s always better to be here in summer.

Ostrava - the Logistics

You can reach Ostrava from Prague in just three hours on a comfortable train ride for just 10 Euros. They even sell beer on the train! Hotels are cheap, from 20 Euros to 100 Euros, with plenty of variety and they all have high standards so you cannot go wrong with any choice.

P.S.: We are preparing a new porn series based in Ostrava. Stay tuned!

Unofficial anthem of Ostrava