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The Future of Kozodirky

06th October 2014 03:56:41, Leoš Karabáč

On the main page you will see that we have added a trailer of our porn wedding which covers what you will see in October. We did this shoot last year, just before Christmas. This is the Bohunka-Max wedding. You will get to see all our main characters and even Max’s cousin Lojza.

Here’s the plan for October:

●    6th October - Bohunka’s bachelorette party with Lojza who comes to repair the toilet
●    13th October - Wedding ceremony with all our protagonists
●    20th October - Wedding party orgy
●    27th October - Sandy and Thomas - how they met and what happened

In addition to all this, there will be many backstage updates and interviews as well.
After that in November you will be able to see our new series from Ostrava. The script and girls are ready and we will begin our shooting soon. You will get to see HD quality, professionally shot content of new girls. You will always find new and hot girls in our videos. We are starting a porn studio in Ostrava and there are a lot of beautiful girls here who want to work with us! Here is the preliminary plan for November:

●    3th November - Two beautiful women and a sightseeing tour of Ostrava. It will end in the beer bath.
●    10th November - A hardcore scene of new two Ostrava locals.
●    17th November - Czech girls in national colors. We are celebrating 25 years of freedom.
●    24th November – Teen story of an 18 year old girl who is looking for a lesbian experience.

In December we are planning a Christmas theme which will have a Christmas orgy. But now it is in planning and we need your support. We are operating only with the money that we earn from this site.

If you are buying membership you are not only buying access to our pay section but are also giving us the financing for more shoots. It is crowdfunding of our porn art activities. If more people pay our  membership fees our scenes can be more opulent and sexy. We can really do much better than any other production. Do not forget that we started this site with only 4000 Euros (includes everything in it - web hosting, design, production prices, salaries, even food used on production days) and without any experience. So please don’t wait and …


We are connected to more than 100 young Czech filmmakers, visual artists, designers and we want to create artistic porn. Porn is ART too! New girls are begging us to act in porn so that they can have some fun and earn some money for university studies or fulfilling their dreams.

Future project:

Live Chat site – Our live chat site is ready and in testing phase. We will introduce it in October and there will be 100% Czech girls and couples. We will try to get some Czech pornstars on it too. Also in planning are a reality show and a strip poker contest.
Status of project: 95% - Only minor testing needed and filling of content. project – This project is a softcore magazine (and maybe hardcore in future ☺) with extraordinarily beautiful girls. Porn magazine with Playmate grade girls doing hardcore. It is not a fantasy. We have a really good plan and can bring hundreds of new girls. It will have a monthly subscription fee - 5 Euros every month. We have two really beautiful girls in this project and one looks just like a Princess. I hope you like to see  Princess porn.
Status of project: 60% - Design is done and after launching Live chat site we will begin shooting for this site.