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Introducing friends: Wild and Crazy Guys

11th October 2014 18:00:00, Leoš Karabáč

In the 90s there was Pierre Woodman and Private. It’s considered the golden era of porn because movies had some action and a lot of super hot girls. But thanks to the Internet today’s porn is of lower quality. Because nobody wants to make a porn movie with a budget of two million dollars.

But there is a solution - young Czech filmmakers. We love to do ertoica and porn. We can do a lot of action at a low cost and even in this Internet age do big movies!

I would like to introduce our best friends - Wild and Crazy Guys from Brno. This production is headed by a young talented director Mr. D with a great dream of expanding Czech cinema to Hollywood.

We would like to help him because after all even Sylvester Stallone began his career in erotica. I think you will love their work. They specialize in stunt work and they do it without any big budget. They are supertalented freaks.

They have made a short film called Bed Romance and its a perfect example of how porn can look. Big movie action with shooting and explosions plus hot bed action. Do you want to see more? Check out Wild and Crazy Guys and their short film!

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