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TOP 10 Hottest Czech and Slovak Singers

23th October 2014 10:20:48, Leoš Karabáč

The Czech and Slovak pop scene is virtually the same and even Superstar and Got Talent contests are made together. Here are the top ten most hottest Czech and Slovak singing stars!

10. Helena Zeťová

Helena is maybe the biggest rebel girl in the Czech music scene. She was a member of the band Black Milk with super beautiful Tereza Kerndlová. Helena is a good singer and also did some naked and open legs shooting. We love her!

9. Celeste Buckingham

Celeste is a beautiful Slovak singer, although with her name you wouldn't have guessed her origins. She is famous because of the Got talent competition. She is really cute, isn't she. She also speaks English very well.

8. Markéta Poulíčková

Markéta is really nice and made a sexy clip. She is a bit like Pink, but I don't think she is as rebellious as she looks.

7. Verona
Verona has made some nice music. Especially Hey Boy. You will love this song. It is really nasty. She is of course beautiful like a white rose.

6. Lucie Vondáčková

Lucie is maybe the most famous Czech singer. She comes from a famous musical family. Her aunt is former superstar Helena Vondráčková (our Polish friends might know her). Lucie has a typical Czech look and I think she is also very sexy.


5. Debbi

Debbi is like the sun. This redhead girl with freckles will make you fall in love with her. She is the most beautiful Czech redhead with a beautiful warm voice.

4. Iva Fruhlingová

Iva is very special long legged beauty who often sings in French. She looks and sings like a fairy. Here is her beautiful duet with famous French actor Pierre Richard.

3. Monika Bagárová

Monika is a new Czech star who has an exotic look but she is amazingly beautiful. She specializes in R&B and she is damm hot and of course sings very well :-).

2. Kristina

Slovak singer who looks like a supermodel. Many consider Kristina to be her country's national treasure. You will like her Hockey championship song :)

1. Tereza Kerndlová

Here is our number one. A beautiful singer with an angelic voice. She is amazing but sings only in Czech. She has not made any nude photoshoot (yet! one can only hope!!). A real 10/10. Here you can find more photos of her.