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Prehistoric pornography - Chapter 2

03rd March 2015 01:37:33, Leoš Karabáč

 Tin-lalan orgy sculpture on the rock

Mankind’s oldest historic records are 5000 years old. From the ages of the first Egyptian pharaohs. Artistic history is much older. First attempt of art is 500,000 years old when some of our ancestors from the Homo erectus group scribbled zig-zag on a clam-shell. If you are searching for something more creative you must go to the time of 40,000 years ago when first Venuses were made.

Venus is a paleolithic sculpture of woman’s body with ritual and pornographic function. Till now we have found 13 statues. Most of them were found in the central European region. The oldest is the ivory Venus from Hohle Fehls. Nearly 40,000 years old. Second most important is Venus of Dolní Věstonice which is the first ceramic sculpture in the world (30,000 years old). All figurines depicts woman body with exaggerated sexual parts.

Prehistoric expert and famous archeologist Sir Paul Mellars ("could be seen as bordering on the pornographic") from Cambridge University admits the pornographic purpose of these figurines. It was a talisman and pornographic material. Men took this figurine on the hunt for better strength and for sexual arousal when a woman wasn’t near by. The size fits perfectly in one hand and the penis can go in the second hand. Men are visually excited and this theory is highly possible.

The oldest cave erotic art painting is 12,000 years old and comes from Creswell Crags in England. This symbol probably depicts stylized version of female genitalia. But I think it is very hard to say what is it. You can judge for yourselves.

If you are searching for the first depiction of real sex you must go to Africa to Tan Toudouft in Libya. It is a clear depiction of human coitus. This scribble to the rock is probably 7500 – 10000 BC. Hard to say if somebody modeled for the cave painter but this is first true porn!

Little bit younger (7200 years old) is two-fragmented figurines of people having sex. Everything is very well done including penis. The male figurine has the stylish name Adonis von Zschernitz.

Undoubtly the most spectacular prehistoric pornart are the rock scriptures of Tin-lalan in Libya. These scribbles are from 5000 BC. This prehistoric artists were probably the ancestors of Egyptians. Sahara was in Neolith’s more fertile region and rock scriptures with sexual theme are common to this time and place. People in that time worshiped fertility or Phallic cult. Their god had a head as a rabbit and penis was big like a tree. Archeologists thinks it was God of Erection (named  Djenoun). God who when worshiped would give you a hard penis. Something like a spiritual Viagra. Making children and fertility was in those times probably very important and sex was very noble in this society.

In Tin-lalan rock drawings you can see orgies and gods. An interesting thing are the really big penises. You can even see ejaculation. This is without doubt 100% prehistoric pornography with religious subtext. Penis in erection was for this people very important and sex was worshiped as the symbol of life. I would like to remark on one important fact – pornography is much more older than invention of the alphabet and written material.

 "Since man has left the world of beasts by standing up, he sees the sex of the other and it shows his. The erection is the most visible manifestation of sexuality of man. It is even more, it is the coupling and guarantor of the perpetuation of the species. It appears in all groups since the beginning of time that they view sex as one of the first symbols of life. "  

Dr. Jean Loic Le Quellec, archeologist and prehistoric anthropologist of Sahara region

Venus od Dolní Věstonice is czech most precious cultural antiquity. Last year was Venus publicly show for a while and here I would like to show how secured this porn piece was. We hope Kozodirky will be same as precious. :)


Table of Contents:

  1. What is pornography?

  2. Prehistoric pornography

  3. Pornography of Ancient civilisations: Egypt, Greece and Indus

  4. Erotica of the Roman Empire

  5. Indian way of porn

  6. Medieval pornography

  7. Renaisance pornography

  8. 17th - 18th century pornograhy

  9. 19th century pornography

  10. Era of 1900 - 1960

  11. 60ties in porn

  12. Legalization of porn

  13. Golden era of porn: Danish pornography

  14. Golden era of porn: French porngraphy

  15. Golden era of porn: German pornography

  16. Golden era of porn: American pornography

  17. Rise of the video - 80ties – Declining period

  18. 90ties first part: Fall of Iron Curtain

  19. 90ties second part: Video rental revolution

  20. 90ties third part: Rise of internet

  21. 2000-2005: Internet up, video down

  22. 2005-2010: Tubes avalanche

  23. 2010-2015: Quantity over quality

  24. 2015 – 2050: Near future of pornography

  25. 2050+: Far Future of porn