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Future of

12th September 2015 00:08:12, Leoš Karabáč

We have to sorry for the plain first year of this site but it was really harsh and startup grind when we must pay all debts and think about strategy. We even work on the our second site - Both site are now running as you can see and are regulary updated. I like to say more about both sites.

When we are starting this project we was lack of funding and experience. Come to make some porn movie. We love old germany sex comedy and whole idea was to rebirth this niche. We borrow some money in 2013 ands make Kozodirky. Kozodirky means Tittyholes and whole site was planned as sinful village. There was lot of problems. Well, it is on the book. For better undrstanding I like to recommand this movie to understand our situation. Same as in that film we are doing all this for the art and possiblity to create pornography. For us is pornography something beautiful and highart. We are proud pornmakers! Only every beginings are harsh. But then you think about it. There is no hard to make some porn. Really hard is to make two sites with more then 100 updates with own money lower then 500 USD (no joking!). We made two sites with 100 updates for the cost of one update of Say me what we can do with more money. I think it can be unbeliavble. You will see soon how creative and artistic we are. Now we overcome all big financial obstacles. Thanks to you fans who pay membership for our site. We consolidate this site and we are prepare to start new content. From start we will share some more erotic sets from XCZECH and soon we will make new hardcore porn scene. By the end of year we hope to rebrand this site to new name beacuse Kozodirky is not really good for international customers and czech girls really hate this name (it is means Titty Holes and it is little bit rude). New name will be very cool and we will be stylish porn magazine specialized to porn comedy. 

Making porn site is something like make a community. Our Blanka is still part of team but there will be many new faces and people who want participate on this porn project. In the Czech republic we have one big adventage. Finding somebody to make porn it is not such as complicated. Everyday people writes us if they can act or participate in porn. Even young girls. Czechs love sex and have no problem with it! We are best place to start porn revolution. Our goal is make porn highart and proud as in the ancient Rome was. If you support us we make best for the porn and we can promise best beautiful girls! Much better then you can see in current pornography.

Our biggest mistake was going straightly to hardcore and not try to make something softer. is our second site and we are trying to rebirth softcore erotica. Yes, pure softcore erotica from times of german sex comedies, Emanuelle, Tinto Brass or Playboy videos. Today is softcore dirtbag. Everybody goes hardcore but we thing softcore have the place in the erotica. Reason is girls. Porn, Erotica or I am saying Artistic Depiction of Human Sexuality is based on the women. Everybody wants to see beautiful women isn´t it? XCZECH is solution because there many beautiful girls who don´t want to have a hardcore sex but like to do softcore. And this is what we will do. Bring beautiful girls to softcore erotica and put there lot of creativity. We are soon will be jumping from the plane. Do many silly things. We are starting there where others ending. We can promise best what we can. This weekend we are making for 4K shooting. We hope you will like it! After weekend we will have great amount of new content. 

Erotica is beautiful thing and we want to make it best. If you like or work please support us buying Kozodirky membership or something from content shop.