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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kozodirky? is a pornart site. is an art project to support the Czech movie industry. We are a group of Czech artists who love porn and want to do porn as a form of art. is our debut. Main intention is re-imagination of the classic German sex comedies and establish a porn comedy central.

What is the business model of

We are building on the classic startup model. Our membership area is based on community financing. We are a group of people who want to build the company around the web site or a group of websites. Only difference is - we want to do porn. Porn is a form of art. And we want to offer our art to our subscribers. You can subscribe for a month or the whole year. When we will have 1000 members and more, we can open another site with a different theme.

Who is behind

We are a group of artists and industry professionals. Kozodirky project is the brainchild of Leo Karabatch. Many nice people are behind this project and we think we can do a lot more in porn. We would like to build a big porn company.

What is our goal?

We want to create a porn empire with as the porn portal. We would like to have more artists in our company and make big things. Like TV series, soap operas, cultural shows, contests, reality shows, lifestyle programs, morning programs etc. We can do everything. We like to be Porn TV on Internet. Porntubes are free but we have exclusive content. In short, our MAIN GOAL is to undress as many girls as possible.

Why are we better than the competition?

We are a young team with many new ideas. We are like a freshman in the porn industry. We are Czech artists. We can offer you BEAUTIFUL GIRLS, EVERY TYPE OF SEX, STORY, FUN and a piece of MOVIEMAKING. We want to go to the roots of porn , as it was in the 1970s. When porn was in the hands of artists and then take it all to the 21st century. We want to do a fusion of porn and art. If we will be successful with Kozodirky then we would like to expand through - our portal.

Why subscribe to

We are unique! You can see something new. Especially, new and beautiful girls. We will be happy if you join and become our members and we will try to have a close relationship with all our members. We are preparing a forum, portal and many other new things. 

How I can join?

It is simple. On main page you click on Join. Choose membership payment type and fill the form and that's it. If you have some problem you can write to support.

Where to find support?

If you have any problems or need help do not hesitate to contact us - you can use We understand this languages: czech, english and german. In case of billing information or canceling membership you can contact us or our billing processor CCBill.

What is project

Kozodirky is only one niche - Sex Comedy. We want to build a whole porn net with different niches and themes. You will be able to vote for a porn that will be made and see financial reports of projects. Visit

Can I download videos?

We will offer downloading two months after initial release. It is our releasing policy for preventing content piracy soon after video release.

How do I cancel my membership or get billing support?

For support with transactions processed by CCBill, please visit: