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Leo Karabatch

Basic facts

Born: 7.November 1987, Uherské Hradiště, Czechoslovak Socialistic Republic
Residence: Bilovice, Czech Republic, EU
Occupation: Entrepreneur and philosopher
In XCzech: CEO and founder

Sexual life

Everybody has some goals. Some want to fuck a great amount of women. I am however a spiritual man who wants to a feel deep bond with just one girl.
That one might be more than hundreds.

Hobbies and dreams

Beliefs: Gnostism, Pantheism, Quantum Phiolsophy, JediismAncient Astronauts, Six degrees of separation
Politics: Czech Pirate Party
Life goal: I want to be the Walt Disney of Porn. Build World of Sex Amusement Park in Europe! Understand God. Meet Sergey Brin.
Hobbies: History, Astronomy, Physics, Women's Psychology, Sexuology, Art, Cinematography, Photography, Gardening
Favorite books: Dune, Brief History of Time, Silmarillion, Warhammer and Battletech books
Favorite movies: Star Wars, Source code, Paul, Casablanca and many more
Favorite TV series: Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Vikings, Yes, Minister, Dr. Who, Firefly
Favorite Actresses: Scarlett Johansson, Elena Satine, Táňa Pauhofová
Favorite Filmmakers: James Cameron, Seth Rogen, Joss Whedon
Influences: Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, John Lesseter, Václav Havel

Leo Karabatch

Short CV

Leo Karabatch is a typical European with his Czech-Polish-German heritage. One branch of his ancestors comes from Austria-Hungary belonging to the branch of the noble house of Logothetti. He has a great passion for cinematography. His biggest life goal is to be the same kind of innovator in porn as was Walt Elias Disney in children's movies. His main idea is to push more art into porn. His life dream is to create dreams.

At the present time he is a student of the famous Moravian film academy in Zlín. The same place where one of first stop motion movies in the world was made - Journey to the beginning of time (1954). Now he is working with a team of students and artists to create extraordinary porn movies.

He wants to make high quality porn movies. The equipment is very cheap and it can be made to look as good as the TV show Game of Thrones. Everything is possible in today's world. He also has experience in yearbook photography. This is the perfect way to find girls who want to do porn..

Kozodirky is Leo's lifetime project. From the time when he was a teenager he was preparing for the career of being a porn producer. First of all, he was one of the founder's of the computer zine in 2002. Then, over the next 10 years, he learned how to be a photographer. From 2013 his dream started to take shape when Leo start Project, an erotic porn central and re-imagination of the classic Bavarian Sex Comedies. The next step is to create a porn net and maybe in the future his biggest goal of creating the World of Erotica amusement park in Europe.

He wants to be the European porn Walt Disney. He is a lover of porn and a porn historian. Very few people know more about porn than Leo. He is fighting for better porn. He wants more art into porn. Here is the poster of our best European porn director - Erica Lust. She is doing the best pornart in europe! Support better porn! Support!




My ideas on porn? Here they are!

We have many ideas.....Cosplay, Swag erotica, Espionage drama, Barbie girl erotica, Jesus and Mary erotica, Contest - Fort Boyard parody, Nymphomaniac blog, Wedding Nights, Erotic porn fairy-tale with beautiful men and unicorns and many more such themes. We have an unlimited number of ideas. We hope we can change porn industry. Because PORN NEEDS ART!

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